Splash - This is a pattern, not a color,
and can occur with any color on a
white background.
Red - Also referred to as liver in early
descriptions.  Noses are red, eyes
range from green to gold to light brown.
Champagne - a diluted color. Noses
are pale, eyes light.
Blue - Also referred to as "mouse" in
early descriptions or grey. Noses are
blue or pale, eyes are often green,
hazel, light brown.
Cream - Can range in shades. Can
have a black nose and dark eyes but
often lacks pigmentation (dudly nose).
Chocolate - Not to be confused with seal,
noses are chocolate.  Also has been
referred to as liver.
Fawn - sometimes accompanied by a
dark mask. One of the only DQ colors that
often has a black nose and dark eyes.  
However Fawns can also lack dark
pigmentation giving no consistency in
predicting correct expression.
Lilac - a diluted color. Noses are pale,
eyes light.
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Merle Boston Terriers have been a new and upcoming fad in the breed.   This is even WORSE than breeding
disqualified colored Boston Terriers because
never in the history of the Boston Terrier has there been
Merle coloring
.  They are not only a disqualified color, they are not purebred.  You cannot bring this color into
the Boston Terrier without bringing in another breed and creating mixed breed puppies of this color.   

Unfortunately there are unscrupulous breeders who are doing just that, and charging upwards of $2500 for
these mixed breed puppies that are represented as "Purebred Registered Merle Boston Terriers".

Some breeders questioned in the past about these dogs have responded with "They are registered with
CKC".  CKC (not the Canadian Kennel Club, but Continental Kennel Club) is less strict in what they will allow to
be registered. Meaning, these mixed breed puppies are STILL represented as purebred, but just with a lesser
registry. How this justifies charging $2500 for a misrepresented mixed breed dog is still well beyond

ANY Merle Boston Terrier is NOT PUREBRED.  It is likely mixed with Chihuahua, Dachshund, Pit Bull, even
Australian Shepherd. One parent must be Merle, therefore that other breed will be a large percentage of your
dog's genetic makeup. Even someone who has been breeding them for a few generations started their "Merle
Boston Terriers" with a 50/50 mix.

Some advertise their Merle Boston Terriers as "Hybrids".  This is just a more popular term for "mixed breed".  
These breeders are more truthful in their representation, however unsuspecting buyers may still think they are
purebred and purchase them under the assumption they have something "rare".   

This color is also becoming popular with the "Olde Boston Bulldogge", which breeders claim is a breed that is
bred to the "old style" of Boston Terrier.  However adding Merle color to this breed is NOT following the "old
style". It's following a new fad.

If a buyer is going to end up with a mixed breed, they are better off NOT spending a large amount on a
misrepresented Merle puppy and adopt a mixed breed rescue instead.
Click below for information on another
unfortunate fad in Boston Terrier breeding.